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Haii everyone! Welcome to fantage nell’s tricks and tips. I will show you cool things about Fantage that you may or may not know. Look out for more posts. Bye!

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Sparkle Games 2015

homework sucks
am i too late ouo


Hey guys its the moment you might have been waiting for! Please don’t tell me sureeeee or no I wasn’t I want some positive energy around! Ok so there will be 4 teams and those teams you will not know about till the contest starts. There will be 4- 5 rounds and I’m hoping that 16 people or more would join! Whichever team wins will get mystery prizes… It will be a mystery because I want people to join for fun not the prizes.If you want to know more about the games comment down below and Ill answer, probably.

To enter you must:



Comment your email and if you don’t have one its fine you can post your entries

Comment “Homework Sucks” lol idk


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About to kill someone on fantage

So there was this tryout that was like free girl acc my plc

and i was like fine sure whatever

and so i went

and then she was like ‘okay no members get this acc’

and i’m like dude

and she said that this is for those who havent had a lot

and im like ‘ive been playing for five years and this is my first membership’

and shes like ‘ive been playing for five too’

and im  like ‘but dude i payed for this not my parents’

and shes like ‘yeah but still’

ready to kill her brb



but im selling cc outfit long violet braids green coin board pink dress and rosalina176’s pretty hat

cool cat outfit: 2,555 gold

long violet braids: 1,000

green coin board: 1,500

pink dress: 500

rosalina176’s pretty hat:  2,000

hope they’re not too unreasonably priced

but yeah so kiosk 47D-1

please buy


clearer view if you click on it